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  • Nucleate


  • Naila Moloo

    Naila Moloo

    15 y/o with the goal of playing a role in ending our global consumption of fossil fuels

  • Gunnar De Winter

    Gunnar De Winter

    Science x philosophy x technology x writing — word wrangler & concept cuddler.

  • Gaddiel Wambo-Becker

    Gaddiel Wambo-Becker

    15 year old TKS innovate who wants to grow our understanding of the brain, now follow along as I dissect it 💉

  • Devinder Sarai

    Devinder Sarai

    Learning new things and writing about them. Passionate about how AI can be applied to some of the world’s biggest problems. Developer Intern @ IBM.

  • Sarrah Rose

    Sarrah Rose

  • Oscar Petrov

    Oscar Petrov

    A curious manifestation of billions of exploding neurons. I like to think about brains + the universe. Also passionate about ethics, philosophy + human rights.

  • Liran Belenzon

    Liran Belenzon

    CEO of BenchSci, husband, father and constant work in progress

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