• mansi katarey

    mansi katarey

    Passionate about AI and how it can solve problems around the world!

  • Rania Hashim

    Rania Hashim

    14 y/o pleasing her future self.

  • Maggie Chua

    Maggie Chua

    An ambitious 16-year-old looking to impact the world through emerging biotech.

  • Ashley C

    Ashley C

    Innovator and AI enthusiast

  • Selina Liu

    Selina Liu

    BCI Researcher and Innovator at TKS

  • Cesar Vargas-Garcia

    Cesar Vargas-Garcia

    Computational biologist, engineer, coder. Interests: stochastic processes, ecology, bacteria, virus, programming, machine learning, data science.

  • Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang

    14 y/o that loves space, science, tech, and philosophy.

  • Kamgahugues


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